Honor your signature

Tantalum Gravity is more than an exclusive writing accessory. He is a myth and homage to the immortal signature of people who achieve the extraordinary and who honor uniqueness. Nothing has changed the history of the world as much as the signature of these exceptional people.

Crafted out of pure tantalum, the rarest metal in the universe, Tantalum Gravity is surrounded by an aura of inborn power. Tantalum possesses the characteristics of a true leader. With its exceptional resistance against outer forces, its consciousness of its own rareness and its supreme elegance and wisdom of more than thirteen billion years, it is searching for his kind.

Every Gravity that is leaving our Tantalum manufactory is unique. Created only for the one hand that is supposed to lead him. His illustrious design, formed through the hands of our artist, is a dedication to his uniqueness for which he is destined.

The tailor-made manufacturing of Tantalum Gravity demands highest precision and the scarce knowledge of our master craftsmen to handle the special metal of which he consists. The premium mines and the elegant nib made out of 18K gold emphasize his luxurious elegancy.